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Karl Eschbach, PhD

Karl Eschbach, PhD

Professor, Departments of Internal and Preventive Medicine & Community Health, Division of Geriatric Medicine; Director of Population Research, Fellow, Sealy Center on Aging

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301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555-0177
Phone: (409) 266-9680
Fax: (409) 772-8931

Email: kaeschba@utmb.edu

Research Areas

Health disparities between racial and ethnic populations


1984 BA University of Pennsylvania, Sociology
1988 MA Harvard University, Sociology
1992 PhD Harvard University, Sociology

Current Funding

RP101207 (JS Goodwin - PI)
Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas
Comparative Effectiveness Research for Cancer in Texas
Role: Co-Investigator

R01 AG010939 (KS Markides - PI)
Longitudinal Study of Mexican American Elderly Health
National Institute on Aging, NIH
Role: Co-Investigator

Select Publications

Reistetter, TA, Kuo, YF, Karmarkar, AM, Eschbach, K, Teppala, S, Freeman, JL & Ottenbacher, KJ 2015, 'Geographic and Facility Variation in Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation: Multilevel Analysis of Functional Status' Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation., 10.1016/j.apmr.2015.02.020

Gerst K, Miranda PY, Eschbach K, Sheffield KM, Peek MK, Markides KS. Protective neighborhoods: neighborhood proportion of Mexican Americans and depressive symptoms in very old Mexican Americans. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. 2011; 59(2):353-8. PMCID:PMC3278336

de Leon CF, Eschbach K, Markides KS. Population trends and late-life disability in Hispanics from the Midwest. Journal of Aging Health. 2011; 23(7):1166-88.

Stimpson JP, Wilson FA, Eschbach K. Trends in health care spending for immigrants in the United States. Health Affairs. 2010;29(3):544-550.

Nguyen-Oghalai TU, Ottenbacher KJ, Kuo YF, Wu ZH, Grecula M, Eschbach K, Goodwin JS. Disparities in utilization of outpatient rehabilitative care following hip fracture hospitalization with respect to race and ethnicit. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. 2009;90(4):560-563. PMCID: PMC2778195

Lackan N, Eschbach K, Stimpson JP, Freeman JL, Goodwin JS. Ethnic differences in in-hospital place of death among older adults in California: effects of individual and contextual characteristics and medical resource supply. Medical Care. 2009;47(2):138-145.